Parking reform is gaining momentum around the world as a key lever to reclaim valuable street space for people, reduce demand for driving, and yield benefits like better air quality, less noise, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions. Cities (and higher-level jurisdictions like state and national governments) are realizing that minimum parking requirements are costly and that removing these mandates is a concerted first step towards the more efficient, equitable use of valuable urban space. 

In this webinar, presenters will share their experiences pursuing parking reform, including lessons and challenges with removing parking minimums and enacting complementary policies to ensure the cost and supply of parking match actual demand. The webinar will also launch a new ITDP report, Breaking the Code: Off-Street Parking Reform Lessons Learned, which provides recommendations for governments to reform off-street parking based on experiences captured in seven case studies.

This event will feature live interpretations in Portuguese.



Dana Yanocha Research Manager, ITDP Global

As the Senior Research Associate for ITDP Global, Dana work includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. She has led the development of key ITDP publications including the 2018 Bikeshare Planning Guide, and several policy briefs including Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities and Ride Fair: A Policy Framework for Managing Transportation Network Companies. Dana holds an MA in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University and a BA in International Politics from Penn State University.



Marc Vukcevich Director of State Policy for Streets For All

Marc is a Director of State Policy for Streets For All, a transportation and land use advocacy organization in California. He also serves on the board of his local streets safety non-profit — the Costa Mesa Alliance for Better Streets. He holds a B.A. in political science from UC Santa Barbara.

Gabriel Denadai Assistant to the Secretary of Urban Planning, Rio de Janeiro City Government

Gabriel is an architect with a MSc in Urban Studies and  more than 20 years of experience in building design, construction and urban planning, Working for the Rio de Janeiro city government, he authored the new Building Code (2019) and assisted in other legislation, updating the urban policies and norms to a more sustainable and dynamic vision.


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