The South Asia region, which extends from Afghanistan to Sri Lanka, is home to two billion people, as well as some of the most daunting transport challenges.

ITDP has worked through our offices in India, headquartered in Chennai, since 1996, with the launch of the cycle rickshaw modernization project. With India’s human-powered rickshaws on the verge of being replaced by motorized models, ITDP created, produced, and marketed a redesigned, modern cycle rickshaw. ITDP’s ergonomic, light-weight model makes it easier for pullers to operate and provides better comfort for passengers. Today, around 500,000 of these cycle rickshaws transport people across the cities of Agra, Delhi, and many others. This massively reduces emissions, and has increased the incomes of cycle rickshaw drivers by as much as 50 percent.

Today, ITDP’s work in the region includes active projects in more than 10 Indian cities¬†designing and implementing sustainable transport projects, and provide policy solutions to enhance social inclusion, reduce dependency on limited resources, improve road safety, and reduce carbon emissions. ITDP also provides technical assistance to the Pakistani cities of Peshawar and Karachi, managed through our Indonesia office.



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