This is what urban equity looks like. 

Since our founding in 1985, ITDP has stood for the rights of all to access opportunities, culture, services, and communities in and of their cities. To achieve this, cities must pursue a sustainable, equitable, and holistic approach to transport. This means high-quality, safe, and reliable mass transit in every city. The full picture is bigger than just transport. A truly equitable city provides not just good transport, but good land use, infrastructure, and amenities that are often overlooked, particularly for the most vulnerable communities.

Sustainable urban development is the way forward for cities to mitigate climate change. Integrated urban places designed to bring people, activities, buildings, and public spaces together, with easy walking and cycling connection between them and near-excellent transit service to the rest of the city. It means inclusive access for all to local and citywide opportunities and resources by the most efficient and healthful combination of mobility modes, at the lowest financial and environmental cost, and with the highest resilience to disruptive events. Inclusive development is an essential foundation for long-term sustainability, equity, shared prosperity, and civil society in cities.


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