The United States is the source of many car-oriented policies that have influenced cities around the world. Today, even as many US cities are demonstrating that change is possible, many systemic challenges persist. US cities have a long history of economic, social, and racial segregation. The legacy of urban planning has left cities divided along racial and socioeconomic lines, with the pandemic further exacerbating deep-seated urban inequities – including in our transportation systems. Transportation in the US, in its current state, contributes substantially to national greenhouse gas emissions and disproportionately impacts the health and economic opportunities of low-income and communities of color.

ITDP’s US Program addresses many of these critical issues through technical advocacy, capacity building, strategic communications and policy reform. With project experience in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA, ITDP partners with communities and municipalities from coast to coast to meet urgent climate and equity goals. In greater Boston, where residents have been seeing the benefits of bus improvements through the BostonBRT initiative, ITDP works to advance more transformative bus service, while also reimagining how streets function to bridge accessibility gaps and reduce air pollution. ITDP works with municipalities in Los Angeles County to tackle rising greenhouse gas emissions and pollution with an equity lens by advocating for safe and accessible people-centered streets, connected cycling networks, and high-quality bus service in areas of need.

ITDP is supporting communities in harnessing historic transportation funding opportunities to realize safe, multimodal streets where people are the priority. Our approach in the US centers equity in local communities while also drawing knowledge from our regional and global work. The US program highlights the power of high-quality bus transit and safe cycling streets integrated with micromoblity options, while shifting away from harmful black carbon tail-pipe emissions in favor of clean transport and mobility freedom for all. 

Practitioners in the US working on BRT projects can join ITDP’s peer-to-peer knowledge sharing by signing up to the US BRT Community of Practice Network.

Boston Area Bus Pilots Move Region Closer to BRT from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.


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