ITDP is a nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City with offices in Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, and the United States. ITDP’s programs focus on public transport, non-motorized transport, travel demand management, parking, transport policy, and urban development.

Deng Han

Senior Transportation Engineer

Deng Han is a senior transportation engineer of ITDP China and a consultant of the Asian Development Bank and the World Bank who focuses on Focuses on Non-motorized Traffic, Bike Sharing,Child-friendly City and Sustainable Transportation Policy. He has worked intensively on the sustainable transportation projects in Guangzhou, Beijing, Tianjin, Manila, Jakarta, Melaka, Peshawar, Guiyang, etc., and several research reports and planning guidelines, such as Access for All-Guidance Note on Inclusive Street Design for Asia and the Pacific and China NMT Bluepaper. He also engages in researches of Dockless Bike Sharing and Bicycle Superhighway, relevant research findings were published in ITDP official website, Chinadialogue, Financial Times, etc.


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