Aimee Gauthier

Chief Knowledge Officer

Aimée (she/her/hers pronouns) manages ITDP’s global initiatives, international policy program, leadership and innovation program, and global research and projects. She is responsible for the organization-wide implementation and alignment of programs and practices through effective communication, monitoring, and evaluation. Aimée is also instrumental to ITDP’s international advocacy, raising support for sustainable transportation and urban development from major international agencies, governments, and key stakeholders and decision makers around the world. This role is complemented by her involvement in our MOBILIZE program and Sustainable Transportation Awards.

Aimée has been with ITDP since 2003 and brings a strong technical background and in-depth understanding of the wider political and global context to her current role. In countries across sub-Saharan Africa, she has promoted sustainable transport, helped plan and implement successful BRT projects, supported the development of small bicycle-based businesses, and researched improvements to health care delivery and transportation. Aimée has been heavily involved in many of ITDP’s key publications and was an editor of the BRT Planning Guide, the BRT Standard, the Bike Share Planning Guide, the TOD Standard. She is also working on urban mobility analytics—a system of metrics for cities to use in the implementation of sustainable development policies.

Aimée has a master’s in urban planning and dual bachelor’s degrees in anthropology and political and social thought. Prior to joining ITDP, she worked at the Moriah Fund, a private philanthropic foundation, as the grants and office manager.


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