Position Paper on the Delhi High Court Decision to Ban Cycle Rickshaws on Old Delhi Roads

On May 17th, 2006, the Delhi High Court passed an order directing the Municipal Corporation of Delhi – (1) “not to grant any licenses in future for plying Cycle Rickshaws on Delhi roads”, and (2) complete ban on plying of cycle rickshaws in ‘Chandni Chowk’ area (Walled City) and introduce the CNG buses in the area to replace rickshaws.”

ITDP does not believe that the court should have jurisdiction in this matter, nor do we believe that a blanket ban on cycle rickshaws in the Walled City are of Delhi is justified on technical, economic, social, political, or environmental grounds. However, we do recognize the right of the municipality to regulate cycle rickshaw access to some roads, as commercial vehicles, and as parked vehicles.


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