Megacentralidades: propuesta de integración de los CETRAM al desarrollo urbano de la Ciudad de México

ITDP has decided to promote public discussion on the future redevelopment of Modal Transfer Centers (CETRAM) Mexico City, to spread the work “Megacentralidades: Proposal CETRAM integration of urban development in Mexico City.”

This proposal is based on the analysis of 49 CETRAM three scales (urban network, radius of influence and building), and from this, three basic strategies of core interventions follows: a) boost in the immediate area of the strategies CETRAM Oriented Development Transportation;b) exploit the spaces operated for the creation of new green areas, and c) establish a CETRAM intervention that is part of a broader strategy of integration with the urban environment.

This paper encourages an open and enriching discussion on future renovations of CETRAM and its role in the city and to promote a broader view by the different actors involved in its development. A proposal that invites us to rethink the urban development and mobility, to imagine a different city.

In this link you can see the Hang Out (video) # Megacentralidades with architect Sol Camacho:



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