Getting to BRT: An Implementation Guide for U.S. Cities

A resource for planners and policy makers to successfully advocate for and implement BRT systems in U.S. cities.

While momentum in recent decades has elevated bus rapid transit (BRT) as more than an emerging mode in the U.S., this high-capacity, high quality bus-based mass transit system remains largely unfamiliar to most Americans.

This guide offers proven strategies and insights for successfully implementing BRT within the political, regulatory, and social context that is unique to the United States. Through three in-depth case studies and other examples, the guide shares the critical lessons learned by several cities that have successfully implemented, or are in the midst of completing, their own BRT corridors. Distinct from previous BRT planning and implementation guides, this is a practical resource to help planners, and policy makers specifically working within the U.S. push beyond the parameters of bus priority and realize the comprehensive benefits of true BRT.

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