Location: Kenya

The City of Kisumu is experiencing rapid economic and population growth, resulting in high rates of urbanization and motorization. Conventional planning solutions have focused more on addressing the needs of motorists and neglecting the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and those taking public transport. Increasing reliance on private motorized mobility is making transport in Kisumu increasingly…

Letter from the CEO: Putting Pedestrians First Healthy, Equitable, Environmental Cities Transforming Our World with New Sustainable Development Goals In Yichang, China, A New BRT Connects the City A Sustainable Smart Future: New Transport Investments Tool Shows Indian Cities the Way Forward Changing Direction: Walking and Cycling in African Cities How to Enjoy the City…

The Ndovu/A104 BRT project in Nairobi is currently on a trajectory to become a world‐class BRT project. The highest quality BRT systems are designed around a good service plan. A service plan determines where the BRT routes will go, how big stations will need to be, and how many passengers a BRT system will attract….


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