The World Health Organization estimates the number of people killed in road traffic crashes each year at 1.3 million, while those injured could be as high as 50 million – the combined population of five of the world’s large cities.

While injuries are given less attention than deaths, road crashes are a leading cause of disability in the world’s largest, most rapidly developing nations. Road safety programs and policies face many challenges when implemented in developing cities, including incoherent agendas amongst city agencies, lack of capacity, poor enforcement, and weak accountability. Road safety and collision prevention need to be raised on the political and social agenda as cities become more motorized. ITDP works to bring about safe conditions for pedestrians, including sidewalks and plazas.  Too often these basic elements are lacking – or even misused as free car parking – forcing people to walk in dangerous conditions among traffic. Design for pedestrians, including the most vulnerable groups, benefits all groups. By promoting pedestrian friendly infrastructure, ITDP supports policies that protect city dwellers worldwide and promotes safety as a top priority.


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