Parking reform has taken off in recent years as a way for cities to reclaim public space for people, generate revenue, and reduce demand for driving. Cities are recognizing that pricing and using on- and off-street parking supply more efficiently is a critical piece of transportation planning and, more importantly, a mechanism to achieve broader climate, health, and livability goals. However, it can be difficult to know where to start, especially if a managing agency, department, or authority is not already in place. 

This webinar will provide a deep dive into implementing and operating an on-street parking pricing program, framed by ITDP’s On Street Parking Pricing guide (now available in Portuguese!). We will discuss goal setting, operating and financial structures, enforcement strategies, and evaluation for priced on-street parking programs. Then we will hear from the City of Fortaleza about lessons learned in implementing their on-street parking program, and what motivated them to make certain operations and management choices.

This event will feature live interpretations in Portuguese.



About the Speakers

Dana Yanocha Research Manager, ITDP Global

As the Senior Research Associate for ITDP Global, Dana work includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. She has led the development of key ITDP publications including the 2018 Bikeshare Planning Guide, and several policy briefs including Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities and Ride Fair: A Policy Framework for Managing Transportation Network Companies. Dana holds an MA in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University and a BA in International Politics from Penn State University.

Antônio Ferreira Silva Public Servant at the Municipal Government of Fortaleza

Antônio Ferreira Silva Public is a public servant for the City of Fortaleza, Brazil, and an engineer with 30 years of experience in the area of urban mobility in the capital city. He has worked at the Empresa de Transporte Urbano de Fortaleza (Fortaleza Urban Transport Company) since the 1990s focusing on public policy aimed at prioritizing public transport. 

He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Fortaleza (Unifor) and a postgraduate degree in Transport Business Administration from the Federal University of Ceará (UFC).


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