Cities have been adopting e-buses in many countries around the world, many of which are committed to advancing 100,000 electric buses globally. Yet, there are several challenges that cities face, from procurement to technology to financing, that prevent them from scaling up beyond a pilot. 

As several global cities continue to make advancements in scaling the e-bus technologies that already exist, stakeholders should collectively think holistically about what they have learned and how this can shape the future deployment of clean, electric buses worldwide. The City of Jakarta, Indonesia, and the City of Salvador, Brazil, will join this webinar to discuss how they grappled with different challenges of their e-bus work, share the lessons learned, and provide other tips for scaling electric fleets.

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Aimee Gauthier Chief Knowledge Officer, ITDP

Aimée (she/her/hers pronouns) manages ITDP’s global initiatives, international policy program, leadership and innovation program, and global research and projects. She is responsible for the organization-wide implementation and alignment of programs and practices through effective communication, monitoring, and evaluation. Aimée is also instrumental to ITDP’s international advocacy, raising support for sustainable transportation and urban development from major international agencies, governments, and key stakeholders and decision makers around the world. This role is complemented by her involvement in our MOBILIZE program and Sustainable Transportation Awards.



Vinensia Nanlohy Public Transport & Electrification Associate II, ITDP Indonesia

Vinensia Nanlohy joined ITDP in late 2020. She is an engineer with a passion for the transportation industry. Vinensia holds a master’s degree in Transport Engineering from UNSW Sydney and a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Universitas Indonesia. Prior to her current position at ITDP Indonesia, Vinen worked as a research assistant at Universitas Indonesia and focused on improving road transport safety in several cities across Indonesia. In ITDP, Vinensia responsible for electric vehicle projects in Jakarta, Medan, and Bandung.  In her spare time, she enjoys watching movies, listening to music, and traveling to new places.

Diogo Pereira Pires Ferreira Advisor to the Secretariat of Mobility of Salvador, Brazil 

Diogo is an Advisor to the Secretariat of Mobility of Salvador (SEMOB) and works on implementing the Urban Mobility Plan of Salvador. He has experience with urban mobility and low-carbon projects and plans since 2007, working with more than 20 cities worldwide from public, private, and third-sector. Previously, he was a professor at the Transportation School at UFBA and earned a doctoral degree from IUAV University and Coppe UFRJ under international cooperation with the Harbin Institute of Technology of Shenzhen, Universitat Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC), Delft University of Technology (TUDelft), and the City University of Hong Kong.

Rohan Modi Advisor, GIZ

Rohan is a regulatory expert, with a decade of experience in energy and mobility sectors across Asia & Africa. At TUMI, he is on an ambitious journey supporting procurement of 100.000 E-buses in partner cities by 2025. Rohan holds a master’s degree in energy management. He has been affiliated with GIZ since 2014 and specializes in cross sectoral project approaches.


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