Following their 2022 Sustainable Transport Award Honorable Mention, the City of Peshawar has made remarkable progress in their rollout of BRT services built around equitable planning and design processes. These advancements have earned them a second Honorable Mention recognition in 2024. Now, approaching a Phase 2 rollout of their public transport strategy, Peshawar is poised to elevate regional mobility by extending bus routes, formalizing sector operations, and integrating electric vehicles. 

Join us for a webinar shedding light on Peshawar’s transformative Bus Industry Restructuring Program (BIRP) and the next steps for their system. Learn how this initiative revolutionizes public transport while enhancing non-motorized modes, such as biking and walking.

This event will feature live interpretations in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, and Bahasa Indonesia.

Watch the recording in:



Vaishali Singh Programme Manager: Transport Systems & Electric Mobility, ITDP India

Vaishali joined ITDP India Programme in 2018 and works as the Programme Manager: Transport Systems & Electric Mobility, looking into public transportation projects. Her other areas of interest lie in travel demand management and transit-oriented development. Over the years, she has worked on various urban development and traffic management projects like the assessment of public transit systems, congestion pricing, prioritization of buses, sustainable electric-mobility, development of transport evaluation framework for a city, review of master plan and zonal plans etc. She holds a Master’s in urban planning from the School of Planning and Architecture, New Delhi and an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Geography from the Delhi University.

Saddaf Kamil Communication Specialist and Official Media pokesperson for TransPeshawar

Saddaf Kamil, Communication Specialist, and official media spokesperson for TransPeshawar, holds an MBA degree with majors in Marketing and brings over 14 years of diverse experience spanning corporate, development, and government sectors, both nationally and internationally. Passionate about development, inclusivity, and sustainability, Saddaf is particularly committed to leveraging her expertise to advocate for marginalized groups, empower women, and contribute to initiatives fostering social equality and environmental resilience. Skilled in marketing, public relations, social behaviour change & digital marketing, Saddaf brings a proven track record of delivering significant and high impact communication campaigns and providing strategic counsel on communication.

Ashfaq Rauf Manager Operations and BRT Control Centre, TransPeshawar

Ashfaq Rauf joined TransPeshawar, the operating company of Zu Peshawar, in April 2018, and he currently serves as Manager Operations and BRT Control Centre for the company. Mr. Rauf brings over 17 years of experience with a strong skill set in Transportation Planning, Traffic Engineering, Public Transit, Traffic Operations and Traffic Safety. He was also the team leader of the Bus Industry Restructuring Program (BIRP) which was implemented successfully after Peshawar BRT Operation commencement. 

During his previous role with Region of Waterloo, Canada, he initiated and implemented the Region of Waterloo Annual Traffic Safety program and was a team leader for 8 years.


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