Momentum around cycling exploded in cities around the world in response to travel restrictions and shifting travel needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. The massive demand for bicycles, e-bikes, and bikeshare, and for the safe, connected cycle lanes that support their use inspired ITDP’s Cycling Cities campaign. Now, three years on, we are checking in on how cities’ pop-up cycle lanes have fared, and identifying how we can improve and expand on the temporary-to-permanent approach.

In this webinar, we will hear from two cities from ITDP’s Cycling Cities cohort—Zapopan, Mexico and Bengaluru, India—that implemented temporary cycle infrastructure during the pandemic. As part of a moderated discussion, the cities will share their stories of how this infrastructure was implemented, and the progress that has been made in the past 3 years—which lanes have been made permanent and why, what the challenges have been, and how the pop-up infrastructure process has impacted other cycling projects. 

This event will feature live interpretations in Spanish.



Dana Yanocha Research Manager, ITDP Global

As the Senior Research Associate for ITDP Global, Dana work includes research and analysis of trends in sustainable transportation and development. She has led the development of key ITDP publications including the 2018 Bikeshare Planning Guide, and several policy briefs including Optimizing Dockless Bikeshare for Cities and Ride Fair: A Policy Framework for Managing Transportation Network Companies. Dana holds an MA in Sustainable Urban Development from DePaul University and a BA in International Politics from Penn State University.



Mercedes Paloma Cruz Vazquez Director of Mobility and Transportation of Zapopan

Mercedes has been the Director of Mobility and Transportation for Zapopan since October 2021. Throughout her career, she has worked to progress sustainable mobility in various fields, including academics, public service, and organized civil society. In her role, she collaborates with different actors to promote measures and actions to mitigate the climate crisis and promote safer, more inclusive and accessible cities.

Prior to her current position, Mercedes was deputy director at the Urban Development Office of the State of Jalisco. Her teaching work has been related to the regulation that governs the urban development of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Guadalajara. As an activist, she was part of the Colectivo Ciudadano Ciudad para Todos and collaborated in Congress towards Car Free Cities held in the city of Guadalajara in 2011. She is a member of Ciudad para Todos.

Ankit Bhargava Co-Founder at Sensing Local

Ankit is a co-founder at Sensing Local, an urban living lab in Bengaluru, India focused on tackling civic and environmental challenges in cities. He is an architect and urban planner with over a decade of experience in spatial planning, urban governance, and architecture projects. He is deeply interested in using systems thinking and participatory processes to unpack complex systems and shape new perspectives that drive systemic change.

Jesús Carlos Soto Morfín Director of Mobility and Transportation of the City of Guadalajara

Jesús Carlos is currently the Director of Mobility and Transportation for the Municipality of Guadalajara. Previously, he served as a Director of Mobility and Transportation for the Municipality of Zapopan between 2015 and 2021. Through his work, he has promoted strategies and projects for sustainable mobility and urban planning through the lenses of awareness building, combating climate crisis, and social justice, which contribute to creating just and more inclusive cities.  

Throughout his career, Jesús Carlos has promoted the agenda of sustainable mobility and quality of life in cities from different spheres, first from organized civil society, in which he participated as an activist in the Ciudad para Todos citizen collective since 2007, coordinated the X International Congress “Towards Car-Free Cities” in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 2011, and was a member of the Citizen Observatory of Mobility and Public Transportation of Jalisco.


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