During the COVID-19 pandemic, cities responded quickly to changes in travel demands, providing slow streets for walking and cycling, and other interventions that made people see the possibility in how we can transform our cities if we have the momentum. Now, cities are working to build more resilient and sustainable urban systems that can better accommodate disaster preparedness, expand access, and prepare for a low carbon future. It is within this context that we must take action on rebuilding cities and their mobility systems with universal access for all. 

Drawing from the Access and Persons with Disabilities in Urban Areas report, published in collaboration with World Enabled, the speakers from civil society will come together and discuss how inclusive participatory engagement leads to more accessible cities around the world. 

This event will feature live interpretations in Spanish.

Speaker Presentations


About the Moderator

Aimee Gauthier Chief Knowledge Officer

Aimée manages ITDP’s global initiatives, international policy program, leadership and innovation program, and global research and projects. She is responsible for the organization-wide implementation and alignment of programs and practices through effective communication, monitoring, and evaluation. Aimée is also instrumental to ITDP’s international advocacy, raising support for sustainable transportation and urban development from major international agencies, governments, and key stakeholders and decision makers around the world. This role is complemented by her involvement in our MOBILIZE program and Sustainable Transportation Awards… View more >


About the Speakers

Katherine Chacón Martínez Project Coordinator & Technical Lead, The Victor Pineda Foundation / World Enabled

Katherine Chacón Martínez is a technical expert on universal design and accessibility, with a master’s Degree in Urban and Territorial Planning with Specialization in Urban Studies from the Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain (UPM). She is currently involved in the development of comprehensive urban operations and the development of regional urban policies with multilateral agencies including the World Bank, ONU HABITAT, IDB and local governments.

Shahab Ud Din  Chief Executive Officer, PAK Ever-Bright Development Organization

Mr. Shahab Ud Din is a universal accessibility expert and rights activist for person’s with disabilities under the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Iwona Alfred Knowledge and Education Manager, ITDP Global

Iwona (she/her/hers pronouns) is a Program Manager in the Global team responsible for content management and production of training materials, best practices and visual content for ITDP’s capacity building program. In her role, she oversees knowledge sharing across ITDP country offices and brings her technical expertise to different programs, helping identify strategies and new ways of cross collaborating. Iwona joined ITDP in 2014 to work within the Sustainable Urban Development program, assisting with the release of the TOD Standard, a core guidance publication laying out foundational principles of sustainable urban development. 

She has a master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from Pratt Institute and a dual bachelor’s degree in Education and Geography from Hunter College. She enjoys a variety of interdisciplinary fields utilizing her passion for science and media.

Deliani Siregar Urban Planning Associate, ITDP Indonesia

Deliani Siregar, who goes by Anggi, is an urban planner with a bachelors degree in Engineering and Urban and Regional Planning from Gadjah Mada University. She is an urban enthusiast who has a strong passion for mobility and transportation affairs.  Anggi is responsible for the project coordination and field supervision of Jakarta’s non-motorized transportation (NMT) vision and design implementation until 2022. In the past, Anggi has contributed to many different projects and built her expertise by providing TOD, NMT, and BRT plans and assessments for local sustainable mobility planners, reducing transport emissions in Indonesian cities, contributing to BRT cost estimation planning for the Asian Development Bank (ADB), and providing alternative designs to support great walking and cycling environments throughout Jakarta.

In her spare time, Anggi loves to write. She is an author and has already published two books for kids and collaborated on several other fiction books. She is also a radio announcer and program director. Anggi joined the ITDP Indonesia staff in 2015.


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