Series Description:

ITDP has worked throughout the metro Boston region with the many municipalities, community organizations, and creative and communications experts, to transform how the region thinks, approaches, and finally implements bus-based public transport projects. When we began this work, there were less than 4 miles of dedicated bus lanes and the bus was seen as supplementary to the subway system. Now, just ten years later, we see the bus system rebounding back more quickly from the pandemic than the subway, and over 40 miles of dedicated bus lanes on the ground, among other bus priority treatments. 

We are launching a three-part series that will reflect on and celebrate the work of the dedicated and visionary group of leaders who took part in this over the past decade, revealing the key lessons learned over the past decade of creative experimentation and bold demonstrations. Each session will focus on a particular phase of the work and showcase the perspectives of partners who made this happen. We hope you will join in learning from the Boston region about the role of having a creative strategy and public art in elevating public transport, how to foster a tactical urbanist approach to improving public transport, and how to build with the community to not just understand bus service but bus experience. 

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Webinar Description:

Both public transport and public art are often undervalued and disinvested, but when brought together strategically, can make public transport better, spread joy, increase community engagement and make people happier. In working in the Boston region to improve public transport and bus priority over the past 10 years, we found that the first thing we needed to do was build political will and community engagement, while elevating the status of public transport.

Through the use of branding, design and art, we were able to tap into local community assets like grassroots and artists, and together develop public domain attributes that everyone could enjoy. Investing in public art alongside public transport reflects the value we place on both and is an opportunity to build community expression and show respect to the community. This webinar will highlight the creative and inspiring work done to bring art, branding, design and public transport together to reclaim dignity and purpose in the public.




Alphonse Tam Global Communications Manager, ITDP Global

Alphonse (he/him/his) is ITDP’s Global Communications Manager based in New York City. He is responsible for communications strategy, content creation, research, and media relations working alongside program teams. In his role, Alphonse works closely with US and regional offices to develop content and campaigns that promote ITDP’s knowledge products and on-the-ground work to an array of audiences. Before joining ITDP, he worked with cross-sector nonprofits and NGOs in marketing, fundraising, and partnership development capacities.



Ann Sussman President of the Human Architecture + Planning Institute 

Ann Sussman, RA, serves as president of the Human Architecture + Planning Institute (, a nonprofit devoted to improving the design of the built environment through education and research. Her book Cognitive Architecture, Designing for How We Respond to the Build Environment, 2nd ed (2021) features, in a first, color images of eye-tracked architecture. Keen to bridge disciplines, she currently teaches the course, Buildings, Biology + the Brain, at the Boston Architectural College (BAC).

Adrian Gill CEO of Ad Hoc Industries

Adrian Gill is the Founder & Creative Director of Ad Hoc industries. At Ad Hoc, Adrian has led brand strategy and creative efforts for a range of innovative startups and international organizations, including the Harvard Innovation Labs, BostonBRT, LovePop, Sasaki Foundation, Barbados Tourism, RE/MAX, VMWare, and more. He is an advisory board member for FutureBARBADOS, and is the Marketing Committee Chair for Laguna College of Art and Design’s Board of Trustees. Prior to Ad Hoc, he was the VP of Global Footwear at Puma, where he led all creative design direction, including collaborations with athletes, fashion designers and artists such as Usain Bolt, Alexander McQueen and Kehinde Wiley.

LaCrecia Thomson Arts & Culture Planner, City of Lynn, Massachusetts


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