April 28, 2011

Our Cities Ourselves opening gala in Buenos Aires

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Last night hundreds of people gathered at the Museum of Architecture, MARQ, in Buenos Aires to celebrate the opening of the Our Cities Ourselves (Nuestras ciudades, nuestro futuro) exhibit. Guests included city government officials, students, architects, bicycle advocates, and curious passers-by coming in from the near by bike lane.

Andrés Fingeret, director of ITDP Argentina, spoke to the crowd about the importance of creating cities for people, using the 10 Principles for Urban Transport. In this way, cities of the future can be more environmentally sustainable and provide a high quality of life. Fingeret also pointed out that bold, forward-thinking urban policies can bring enormous political rewards, using the example of the mayor of Seoul tearing down an elevated highway to restore a buried river and create a park. The initiative was so popular that it contributed to his successful bid for president of South Korea.

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The Minister of Urban Development for Buenos Aires, Daniel Chain, also spoke at the event and thanked ITDP for its continued support with the city’s Plan for Sustainable Mobility which includes the first BRT line in the country, launching this May, the new bike share system, network of protected bike lanes, and pedestrian prioritization projects.


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