April 19, 2010

BRT Development is Big News in Buenos Aires

by Amalia Holub

First BRT route in Buenos Aires, in dark orange, and existing metro lines
First BRT route in Buenos Aires in dark orange and existing metro lines


In an interview for Radio El Mundo, ITDP Argentina Country Director, Andrés Fingeret, speaks about the first BRT corridor in Buenos Aires. This first route is under construction along Juan B. Justo Avenue and is scheduled to open before the end of 2010. The system will include the common BRT characteristics, such as pre-boarding fare collection, exclusive bus lanes, and design for greater efficiency and ease for passengers. Andrés explains the many advantages that BRT will provide for the city, including decreased travel time and a substantial reduction in emissions produced by public transit along this route. He notes that the BRT line will behave much like an aboveground metro system but will cost the city only 5-10% of the amount it would cost to construct the same distance of subway.

To listen to the interview, go to minute 39 of the podcast here (in Spanish): https://sustentator.org/blog-es/2010/03/podcast-ser-sustentable-19-de-marzo-de-2010

The most widely circulated newspaper in Argentina, Clarín, published an article about the development of the new BRT corridor in Buenos Aires. The article was the most viewed and most recommended item on the newspaper’s website that day, signaling the importance of this transportation initiative to city residents. Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, the city government chief-of-staff was quoted as saying, “like the other great cities of the world, we are implementing this new system of transportation so that the people can travel better and faster, and gain a better quality of life.”

See the full article here (in Spanish):


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