April 12, 2010

ITDP Wins Bid for Phases 2 and 3 of Buenos Aires BRT System

By Amalia Holub, ITDP Argentina

The Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), LOGIT, GSD+ and IRV have been selected as the team to develop the second and third phases of the BRT system in Buenos Aires. ITDP was involved in the first phase by leading a world-class team for the planning and development of the Juan B. Justo BRT corridor, which is currently under construction.

For the new corridors, the Corporación Andina de Fomento (CAF), a Latin American multilateral organization committed to sustainable development, chose ITDP and the aforementioned organizations to make up the team of experts. The second corridor will run along the north of the city and the third along the south. These additional routes will provide much needed efficient, easy and more sustainable transportation for the city.

ITDP will work with CAF, the Argentina National Government, and the Government of the City of Buenos Aires on issues including:

• Demand analysis
• Calculation of fleet
• Ideal location and plotting of routes
• Intelligent traffic signaling in order to give BRT priority
• Distance between stops
• Integration with existing public transportation
• Legal structure; and
• Communications strategy.

The contract for phases two and three will start in May 2010. ITDP will continue to provide support for the first corridor, which is slated to open for service in November 2010.


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