Kampala, the capital and largest city of Uganda, is a lively city near the banks of Lake Victoria. The city is built near the historic capital of the Buganda kingdom, in the prosperous agricultural section of the country. Kampala exports coffee, cotton, tea, tobacco, and sugar, and is the headquarters for most of Uganda’s firms and economic market for the Lake Victoria region.

ITDP has been working in Kampala for many years on various projects, including a BRT system, mapping Kampala’s informal minibus taxis, and cycling advocacy. In partnership with UN-Habitat, the Ministry of Works and Transport, and Kampala Capital City Authority, ITDP is working to move Kampala closer to providing quality transport options for the more than three million Kampalans.  ITDP also has partnered with local organizations such as the First African Bicycle Information Organization (FABIO), a local NGO empowering Ugandans using bicycles to promote the BRT and cycling improvements.

Map of Kampala transport
Map of Kampala’s informal public transport routes. Click to enlarge.


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