Nairobi, Kenya is the unofficial capital of the Africa region. It is often called the “Green City in the Sun”, referencing the protected game reserve, Nairobi National Park, and its proximity to the rivers and African Great Lakes region. The city is headquarters to over 100 major international companies and organizations, including several UN agencies and the Nairobi Securities Exchange (NSE), as well as many other international and African companies. With such a key role in international relations, improving the transportation experience in Nairobi is essential to improving the economic health of both the African and world economies.

Nairobi’s potential as a world city is limited by major traffic congestion, air pollution, limited public transport options, and unsafe roads for pedestrians and cyclists. Fortunately, the city is making significant progress in the last several years, establishing clear transport policies, and planning for an extensive BRT system, among other projects. ITDP Africa is working with various government agencies, including the Kenya National Highways Authority and the Nairobi Metropolitan Area Transport Authority, to ensure an integrated approach to planning a complete system.

ITDP is also working with the city to include more transit and pedestrian-friendly priorities in the Nairobi Master Plan. These include parking reform and a gold-standard BRT system through downtown Nairobi, a compact, walkable city center connected to transit.


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