Chennai is witnessing a transformation in the design of its streets and public spaces. Civic agencies are reconsidering the purpose of streets, re-visioning spaces that formerly were dedicated to fast movement of motor vehicles through articulated designs that support multiple uses. This exhibition showcases current initiatives taken up by the Corporation of Chennai and other civic bodies to create better streets and urban spaces. These projects aim to reorient the city to support walking, cycling, and the use of public transport. Many of these interventions have received an impetus from the Chennai Unified Metropolitan Transport Authority (CUMTA), a collaborative body that has helped to facilitate communication and exchange of best practices among transport planning agencies in the city. The initiatives also benefited from a series of stakeholder consultations, site visits, and workshops that have helped planners, architects, government officials, and citizens alike make well-informed decisions on key transport and public space investments.

Our Cities Ourselves (OCO), collaborative programme initiated by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy, seeks to facilitate dialogue on present conditions, key challenges, and possible solutions. Through these discussions, OCO aims to forge new partnerships that will help Chennai achieve a future that is more livable, equitable, and sustainable. Chennai’s new footpaths are just the beginning. ITDP India is working with the city to implement another 55 kilometers of new pedestrian footpaths, bikeways, protected bus lanes, and pedestrian plazas throughout the city. Using new street design guidelines developed by ITDP for India, this visioning program is taking us through implementation, with a vision for the future.

Current Streetscape Future Rendering
Besant Nagar 1 - Before Besant Nagar 1 - After
Besant Nagar 2 - Before Besant Nagar 2 - After
Luz Church Road - Before Luz Church Road - After
Marina Beach - Before Marina Beach -  After
Mylapore street - Before Mylapore street - After
Mylapore temple - Before Mylapore temple - After
T Nagar 2- Before T Nagar 2- After
T Nagar 1- Before T Nagar 1b- After

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