Surat Cycle Rally- Outreach and Awareness

Putting transport at the center of the conversation.

Too often transport is discussed as a technical subject or in a vacuum. But for anyone who has ever missed an important event because of hours-long traffic delays, or who spends over half her income commuting to work, transport becomes a glaringly important issue that affects each of us every day – and has enormous consequences for the fate of our planet.

Working throughout the world, ITDP strives to put transportation front and center in discussions about poverty alleviation and economic opportunity, climate change, health and safety, and much more.  Our goal is to help shape understandings of transport so individuals realize that they have choices when it comes to commuting.  At the same time, we also aim to inform mayors, heads of city agencies, and other professionals about transport issues. Every year, ITDP publishes a number of free reports, articles, technical guides, and other information, giving decision-makers and practitioners the knowledge and tools to make their cities greener and more equitable.

Sustainable Transport Award

Every year, ITDP and a cohort of like-minded organizations present the Sustainable Transport Award to a city from around the world in recognition of exceptional leadership and vision in putting into practice innovative transportation strategies that protect the environment and improve safety, while enhancing transport efficiency for all users.  Established in 2005, the Sustainable Transport Award also serves to disseminate awareness, share ideas, and encourage action.  It highlights outstanding projects and raises the profiles of exemplary cities internationally, while also honoring visionary leaders in those cities.  The award is usually presented in January.

To learn more about the Sustainable Transport Award, click here.


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