Vision Zero for Youth: Making Streets Safer One School Zone at a Time

A resource for communities to promote the implementation and expansion of Vision Zero in local school zones.

This report addresses one of the most tragic and preventable health issues affecting youth in cities around the world: road traffic deaths and injuries. Every day, more than 500 children die because of a traffic collision, and tens of thousands are injured.¹ Unfortunately, 92% of these incidents occur in low-and middle-income countries, many of them in Latin America. This health problem can only be addressed through a combination of infrastructure interventions, sound traffic regulations and their enforcement, and education and communication strategies.

In this report, ITDP, with the support of the FIA Foundation, presents the experience of a pilot project introducing Vision Zero for Youth in Mexico City during the 2017-2018 school year. This collaboration was led by ITDP, the school community of Secundaria 4 Moisés Sáenz, a public school located in the central borough of Cuauhtemoc, and key partners from the private sector and government. The report disseminates the lessons from the project, promotes the expansion of Vision Zero for Youth in Mexico City, and contributes to its replicability in other areas.

Vision Zero for Youth: Making schools safer one street at a time publication cover


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