Mobility for all: A strategic transportation plan for Ranchi

Ranchi is the capital of Jharkhand, a state that remains largely rural, but is urbanising fast. The use of personal motor vehicles is expanding rapidly in Ranchi, leading to congestion in central areas and safety challenges. Ranchi lacks a formalised public transport system and people are largely dependent on paratransit for their day-to-day travel.

This report aims to develop a detailed roadmap for Ranchi’s sustainable development, based on the principles and initiatives presented in the Ranchi Mobility Charter. The report identifies existing challenges and suggests a vision for Ranchi’s transport systems that is consistent with the RMP’s Mobility Charter, highlighting the importance of equity, sustainability, and liveability. The report suggests specific projects to achieve those goals, including enhanced facilities for walking and cycling, better public transport, and new measures for controlling and managing the use of personal motor vehicles.


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