Case Study: Bicycle Project in Chockwe, Mozambique

The Projecto de Bicicletas (Bicycle Project) was conceived in 1992 by two non-governmental organizations (NGOs) based in Mozambique: the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and National Mozambican Association for the Development of Rural Women (AMRU).

The project began after a representative from ITDP attended the inaugeration of AMRU- in which many women from the surrounding rural areas of Maputo come to describe their living conditions and present their ideas for community development. Amoung the issues they listed as priorities were employment opportunities, land rights, access to potable water, health care, education and transport. The idea of establish a bicycle project to alleviate the transport burdens of rural women was discussed and approved by the members of their nascent NGO. The women felt that a bicycle was an appropriate and affordable means of transport that could alleviate the mudane tasks of rural Mozambican women who travel long distances to their small farm plots, and to fetch fuel and water for family consumption.


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