Yang Jiang Ph.D

China Sustainable Transportation Center, Deputy Director Beijing City; DNA Technology Ltd, Founder and CEO

Dr. Jiang is the deputy director at China Sustainable Transportation Center (CSTC),
an independent think tank founded by the Energy Foundation. He has been
managing a variety of projects in Chinese cities, including transit-oriented
development, urban retrofits, non-motorized transportation system development,
and city carbon emissions evaluation. Mr. Jiang also conducts related research and
has published over 30 papers. On policy development, he has been a key expert
writing a number of guidelines and codes for the Chinese central government’s
ministries. Dr. Jiang received his PhD degree in urban planning from Tsinghua
University, dual master degree of city planning and science in transportation from
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and bachelor degree of architecture from
Tsinghua University. He also holds a national urban planner certificate in China.


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