Ted Wright

Director of Bicycle and Greenway Program at NYC Department of Transportation

Ted Wright is the director of New York City’s Bicycle Program; the largest bike network in the United States. He has worked for over 25 years in both the public and private sectors on long-range, open space and strategic planning. He has led the charge in protected lane development in NYC and is proud of being in charge of
the Bike Unit as expectations grew from 10 miles of protected bike lanes a year to the exciting goal of 50 recently mandated by NYC City Council. Under his leadership, NYC has become a leader of protected path design, creating new street typologies used throughout the US. He has also spearheaded the use of implementation-focused planning studies within NYC, successfully integrating community groups into a rapid-response process showing immediate results while building momentum for longer-term, more expensive capital projects. He holds a Masters of Science in Urban Planning from Columbia University and earned a
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies from Rutgers College.


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