Syafrin Liputo

Head of Jakarta Transport Agency

Dr. Syafrin Liputo, A.T.D., M.T., currently serves as the Head of DKI Jakarta’s Provincial Transportation agency. He began his career as a state civil apparatus (ASN) at the DKI Transportation agency, serving as head of the operations control division and head of the land transportation sector. He then worked at the Ministry of Transportation in the Greater Jakarta Transport Authority (BPTj) and then the Directorate General of Land Transportation. Before becoming Head of Jakarta’s Transport Agency, he led the Land Transportation Management Center for Region XIII of East Nusa Tenggara Province. Syafrin is a graduate of D3 Road Traffic (1993) and D4 Land Transportation (1998), and he holds a Master’s degree in industrial engineering (2003), and Doctoral degree in environmental science (2014).


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