Shri Sanjay Kumar Biswal

GM (O & M), Capital Region Urban Transport, CRUT 

Shri Sanjay Kumar Biswal has been serving as the General Manager, Operations at CRUT since July 2023.  In his role, he has led the transformation of “Sarathis” (drivers) to become “Mo Bus captains,” providing essential training in collaboration with Driving Training Institute Chaatia, Odisha. Currently, he is working on spearheading the national government’s initiative of procuring 350 electric buses through the PM Ebus sewa scheme.

With a background in Automobile Engineering from VIT, Pune and an MBA in Finance & Operations, Sanjay Kumar Biswal has made remarkable contributions to government administration in the Transport Department of Odisha since 1999. His dedication to public service extends beyond his official role, as he actively participated in rescue missions during natural disasters and spearheaded initiatives to reduce road accidents. His efforts in the field of road safety earned him an award of excellence from the Chief Minister of Odisha in 2021.


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