Hank Willson

Parking Policy and Planning Manager, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

Hank Willson leads the Curb Management team at the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, setting policy and regulations for the city’s thousands of miles of curb. Prior to that, Hank spent six years as a civil rights attorney before following his true passion for transportation planning. His team’s current major projects include: managing the Shared Spaces program that provides curb space to aid small businesses’ COVID recovery efforts; implementing the recently adopted citywide Curb Management Strategy; managing demand-responsive pricing at all 28,000 metered spaces in the city; expanding car and scooter-share programs; reforming the city’s 40-year old residential permit program; and bringing rational curb regulations to the city’s fast-growing formerly industrial neighborhoods.  He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania and a JD from Georgetown University.


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