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Tree protected foot path with elevated crossing_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Urban planning_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Walking conditions_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Alleyway parking_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Mid-block crossing_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parking in public-private grey area_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parking on discontinuous foot paths_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Private parking in courtyard area_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Protected green median_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Freight delivery_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parallel parking 2_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parallel parking in neighborhood_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parallel parking_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Parking in footpath_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Perpendicular parking_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Private courtyard parking_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Private enclosed parking_Almaty_MK_Nov2012     Survey workshop     PBD Survey workshop     Survey workshop     PBD Survey workshop     
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