The Need for Safe Intersections

In 2017, Tamil Nadu accounted for nearly 20% of the nation-wide accidents that occurred at intersections. Different directional moving traffic at poorly designed intersections create conflict points often resulting in crashes. While all road users are at risk of being injured in these crashes, pedestrians and cyclists are the most vulnerable.

This infographic from the ITDP India Programme is the second in a series of storytelling graphics, integrating data and real-life testimonials to paint a more full picture of what’s really going on. View the first infographic in the series on cyclists in Erode here.

Infographic designed by Aishwarya Soni
Conceptualization and research by A V Venugopal, Santhosh Loganaathan, and Aishwarya Soni

ITDP Infographic about the need for safe intersections in India



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