Is Your City ‘Pedestrian Friendly’?


“Walkability is not just a sidewalk – it’s a whole system of design and infrastructure.”

This video follows Joe Chestnut, former Program Associate at ITDP, through the busy streets in downtown Kuala Lumpur as he discusses the importance of good walking infrastructure in cities. The video features a pedestrian overpass which, as infrastructure, appears to be designed for those who walk but more often inconveniences them while allowing cars to speed on through.

This is one example of how effectively understanding and measuring the complex ecology of walkability has proven challenging for many organizations and governments, given the various levels of policy-making and implementation involved.

In order to expand the measurement of walkability to more places and to promote a better understanding of walkability, ITDP developed Pedestrians First. This tool facilitates the understanding and the measurement of the features that promote walkability in urban environments around the world at multiple levels.

Download the Pedestrians First walkability tool here.

You can also view our Pedestrians First webinar here.


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