About the Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum

The Tenth Session of the World Urban Forum (WUF 10) will be held from 8-13 February 2020 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The theme is Cities of Opportunities: Connecting Culture and Innovation. Convened by UN-Habitat, the Forum is a high level, open and inclusive platform for addressing the challenges of sustainable urbanization.

ITDP Events at WUF10

Tuesday, February 11

Hall 3, Room 16

Networking Event- Access for All: Policies for Inclusive Transit Oriented Development
ITDP developed the Transit-oriented Development (TOD) Standard as a powerful tool to help shape and assess urban development focusing on maximizing benefits of public transit and non-motorized mobility in a human-scale. This session will address issues of inclusive TOD for different constituencies and bring lessons learned from them. We will explore how transportation systems have failed to account for diverse mobility patterns and needs among caregivers, young children, slum dwellers, women, and persons with disabilities. Different partners will present their perspectives on how to critically challenge and improve mobility paradigms in their cities, including policies on road safety, sprawl, public safety and access to economic and social opportunities.





Heather Thompson, CEO, ITDP
Ramon Cruz, International Policy Program Director, ITDP
Christina Jang, Senior Program Coordinator, ITDP
Rushda Majeed, India Representative, Bernard van Leer Foundation
Kalpana Viswanath, Co-Founder, Safetipin
Victor Santiago Pineda, President and Founder, World Enabled


Wednesday, February 12

Hall 2, Room 4

Networking Event- Scaling Better Air Quality and Sustainable Transport for Young Children and Caregivers in the Global South
The WHO estimates that 90% of all children, and 98% of children under 5 living in low- and middle-income countries, are breathing air more polluted than WHO minimum standards. Particularly in the Global South, children are increasingly at risk of severe adverse effects on health and overall well-being due to increased air pollution from rapid urbanization and high motorization rates. One of the main contributors to local air pollution is transportation. Transportation options are partly a result of planning, regulations, and land use. This networking event is co-hosted with the Bernard van Leer Foundation, and will convene these different sectors, particularly those working in the Global South, to share scalable solutions and targeted interventions to minimize detrimental effects of poor air quality on families.





Heather Thompson, CEO, ITDP
Taylor Reich, Research Associate, ITDP
Iwona Alfred, Program Associate, ITDP
Rushda Majeed, India Representative, Bernard van Leer Foundation
Shramik Shevate, Engineer, Pune Municipal Corporation
Saul Billingsley, Executive Director, FIA Foundation


ITDP will also be featured in following WUF10 sessions:

Sunday, February 9

Networking Event: Leaving no one behind: a cross-constituency approach to sustainable urban mobility

Organized by: Partnership on Sustainable Low Carbon Transport (SLOCAT)

4:30pm – 6:30pm
Hall 2, Room 3 

Speaker: Ramon Cruz, International Policy Program Director, ITDP


Monday, February 10

Side Event: Transforming cities through attractive, efficient and sustainable public road transport systems

Organized by: Busworld Foundation 

Hall 2, Room 6

Speaker: Heather Thompson, CEO, ITDP


Networking Event: Shaping Mobility Futures: Creating a Mobility Culture Shift Through Multi-Sectoral Collaboration in the World’s Great Cities

Organized by: Kantar GmbH 

Hall 2, Room 2

Speaker: Heather Thompson, CEO, ITDP


Tuesday, February 11

Training Event: ACT-Initiative – E-powered innovations for climate friendly mobility

Organized by: Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Convention Centre Abu Dhabi, Capital Suites, First Floor, Room CS20

Speaker: Aimee Gauthier, Chief Knowledge Officer, ITDP


Networking Event: Transit-Oriented Development and Land Value Capture in LAC

Organized by: IDB- Multilateral Development Bank, and UN-Habitat 

Hall 3, Room 11

Speaker: Aimee Gauthier, Chief Knowledge Officer, ITDP


Wednesday, February 12

Networking Event: Measuring and Improving Access to Public Transport

Organized by: Economic Analysis Sector, DG for Regional and Urban Policy, European Commission, Busworld Foundation, National Secretariat for Urban Mobility and Services in Brazil

Hall 3, Room 13

Speaker: Bernardo Serra, Policy Manager, ITDP Brazil


Networking Event: Let’s Start with Streets: A step-by-step guide for cities

Organized by: UN Habitat

Hall 2, Room 8

Speaker: Heather Thompson, CEO, ITDP


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