Transportation planning in Bogotá, the 2022 STA Winner, has shifted to prioritize accessibility, public health, environmental protection, and social inclusion in its strategies and policy decisions. The city has worked tirelessly to establish cycling as an essential means of transport and expand the cycle paths. They began gradually integrating electric buses into its BRT system to address air quality and public health challenges. Reclamation of urban spaces for pedestrian use has taken effect during this time by reconfiguring street spaces, adding open spaces, enhancing lighting, and adding street infrastructure in over 11 neighborhoods. The new development plans also address the specific needs of the citizens and provide the necessary support to improve access to the city. The Kids First Program aims to make trips on foot safer for low-income school children and establish school zones that use traffic calming measures to make roads around schools safer.

In this webinar, we will hear from experts from the City of Bogotá on lessons learned from the process of implementing sustainable mobility solutions, as well as the city’s future plans for urban development to integrate the concepts of care, access, and safety of its citizens.

This event will feature live interpretations in Spanish.


About the Speakers

Deyanira Avila Moreno Secretary of Mobility of Bogotá

She currently is the Secretary of Mobility of Bogotá. With more than 10 years of experience in the public sector, she served as the first deputy director of Bicycle and Pedestrian in Bogotá, from where she led important initiatives in terms of sustainable mobility. She is Cadastral and Geodesist Engineer and she also has a specialization in Urban Environmental Management. She has worked as an auditor in Road Safety for the World Resources Institute (WRI), and in entities such as the Institute of Urban Development (IDU), District Cadastre and Metro de Bogotá.

Nathaly Torregroza Head of the Road Safety Office, Mobility Secretariat of Bogotá

With more than 12 years of experience in transport and road safety, Nathaly is currently the Head of the Road Safety Office at the Mobility Secretariat of Bogotá. As part of her experience she served as road safety director of Transmilenio, and as a senior advisor for the National Road Safety Agency. She was also a technical advisor for the GIZ and coordinator of the mitigation group for the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. Nathaly has her master’s degree in Transport from Universidad de los Andes.


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