Building a mobility action plan for the city you want to live in.

A 3-day Workshop
Pandemics and public health concerns have always transformed our cities in profound ways, and this one will be no different. The question is how. Join this workshop to explore, imagine and create a plan to ensure that these opportunities become transformative.

About the Mobility Action Plan workshop

In this online course that will take place over three (3) recurring Wednesdays in March, you will explore, examine, and develop a mobility action plan for your city. The workshop series was created to demonstrate how cities react and take action under pandemic situations and how this sparks readjustment to their priorities that have a longer lasting impact on a city’s mobility plan. In this workshop you will walk through best practices from around the world, examine tools necessary to make action plans to deliver to your city, and formulate your own mobility action plan to address the needs of your city

Overall Objective: Develop a mobility action plan for your city/region.

DAY: 01 March 10, 2021

Vision and targets

Objective: Identify issues and  openings brought forth by the recent pandemic to change your city/region; write a vision and metrics for mobility in your city/region.

DAY: 02 March 17, 2021

Mobility action item matrix

Objective: Convert vision and metrics into action items.

DAY: 03 March 24, 2021

Present your action plan

Objective: Present your Mobility Action Plan to the other groups and select decision makers.

The online workshop course will be conducted entirely over Zoom. To ensure a classroom-like experience, we ask you to be present on video and in a quiet setting, and to attend all sessions. Sessions will include some participant-centered activities like writing exercises, discussions, and group work to strengthen learning outcomes. All sessions will be 120 minutes and held in English at 10AM EST. This workshop is limited to 50 participants, and an application is required. 

How to participate: Nomination/Application

Our workshop is designed for professionals from all sectors and backgrounds (policy, planning, city government, civil society to name a few) who are interested in developing a mobility action plan for their city. The workshop is application/nomination based, and we are looking for individuals looking to gain skills and develop real time and real world action plans to influence their communities, cities and region.

Deadline to apply March 1, 2021

Michael King 
Your trainer: Michael King, Founder and Director of Traffic Calmer
Michael is an urbanist working at the intersection of mobility, urban design, and transportation planning.  His passion is street design and networks.  He was the first Director of Traffic Calming in New York City, co-authored NACTO’s Urban Street Design Guide, and has worked on 5 continents.  He practices the Socratic method of discovery and has led training workshops from Brazil to Indonesia to Uganda.

About MOBILIZE U: The Shorts

Mobilize U is a professional training program catered to build the capacity of leaders in the public, private and civil society sector focused on sustainable transportation systems and urban development. The Mobilize Shorts, a component of MOBILIZE U, is a series of workshops focusing on developing skills and capacity for those looking to enhance their local work through the lens of a global learning platform. 

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