Over the past few years, Jakarta has gone from a car-oriented city to one that supports two million public transport commuters every day. Its Jak Lingko system has integrated BRT, rail, and microtrans, while the city has built up cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. These advances have made travel within Jakarta faster and more accessible, earning it the 2021 Sustainable Transport Award.

This webinar will explore how the city went from vision to implementation, expanding multimodal travel and increasing ridership on all public transit. It will show how Jakarta has continued improving since winning the 2021 STA, toward even healthier, safer, more sustainable, and more equitable transit. We will hear from Mrs. Sri Hayati, Assistant of Economic Affairs and Finance in Jakarta’s city government, Mr. Yoga Adiwinarto, Director of Engineering and Facilities at Transjakarta, and Mr. William Sabandar, Director of MRT Jakarta, who will all speak on Jakarta’s transport vision and progress since the city’s 2021 win. 


About the Moderator

Chandra Sugarda Gender, Disability, and Social Inclusion Specialist

Chandra Sugarda currently provides technical support to the Government of Indonesia on gender equality, women empowerment, social inclusion, and disability rights. Her work includes multi-disciplinary development programs, including forestry, renewable energy, public finance management, public transport, and disaster resilience. Chandra holds masters’ degrees in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts from Central Michigan University, and in Women, Gender, and Development from the International Institute of Social Studies of Erasmus University Rotterdam.


About the Speakers

Sri Haryati Assistant to the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Finance

Sri Haryati, ​​Assistant to the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Finance, was born in Bogor and began her civil service career at the Jakarta Fisheries Service. In 2014, she became Head of Food Security and Counseling at the Department of Marine Affairs, Agriculture, and Food Security. In 2016, Sri became the Head of DKI Jakarta’s Bureau for Economic and Finance Affairs, and she now serves as the Assistant to the Provincial Secretary for Economy and Finance of DKI Jakarta. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Bogor Agricultural University.

Yoga Adiwinarto Director of Engineering and Facilities, PT Transportasi Jakarta

Yoga Adiwinarto, Director of Engineering and Facilities at PT Transportasi Jakarta, has been responsible for the construction and infrastructure design of the world’s longest BRT system since 2019. Prior to that, he worked as ITDP Indonesia’s Director of South East Asia. In that role, he planned and promoted sustainable transport in other Indonesian cities, as well as other countries such as Malaysia. Thailand, Laos, Pakistan, Azerbaijan, Timor Leste, and the Fiji Islands. Yoga completed his bachelor’s in civil engineering at the Bandung Institute of Technology, Indonesia, and his master’s in transport planning at the University of Leeds, England.

William Sabandar President Director, PT MRT Jakarta

William Sabandar, President Director of PT MRT Jakarta, is currently responsible for constructing and operating the first metro system in Indonesia. He began his career in natural disaster response, which led him to an appointment as the Director of Corporate Affairs ASEAN Secretariat. He then moved to central government, working in various departments in environmental affairs. Before becoming president of PT MRT Jakarta, William served as Head of the National Task Force for the Acceleration and Development of New, Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation. He completed his master’s in transportation engineering at the University of New South Wales, Australia, and his doctorate in transport geography at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand.


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