The City of Paris is the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award winner, after previously receiving the honor in 2008. This prestigious Award highlights the bold decisions and actions the city has made in the last couple of years to create safer, greener, and more pedestrian and cycle-friendly streets while harnessing the power of its open spaces.

Around the world, the COVID-19 crisis  underscored the need for healthier, more active modes of mobility alongside accessible streets that are designed for all types of communities. The pandemic allowed Paris to test policies and interventions to directly address issues of emissions, noise pollution, and public wellbeing, all while creating infrastructure that is more reflective of the needs of its people. Read more about Paris’ efforts that led to its second STA recognition in 2023.

In this special keynote address, representatives from the City of Paris will share their inspiring sustainable mobility journey, from the launch of a landmark bikeshare system in 2008 to recent responsive actions to address the 2020 pandemic. Be sure to join us for this event to learn how all planners, policymakers, and public officials can take similar steps and make bold decision to help create a more accessible, environmentally-conscious, and innovative vision for their cities.

Register for our next webinar where we will dive deeper into the interventions that won Paris the 2023 Sustainable Transport Award: Paris – Transforming Public Space to Serve the Public



David Belliard Deputy Mayor, Paris

Heather Thompson Chief Executive Officer, ITDP

Heather Thompson has been with ITDP for more than a dozen years, first serving on its Board of Directors for eight years, and then as CEO since 2018. Ms. Thompson believes that bold progress needs to be made toward more walkable, cycle-friendly, and transit-accessible cities. ITDP’s work in making cities more equitable, livable and environmentally conscious changes everything for the better – for people and the planet.

Ms. Thompson has nearly two decades of experience in the environmental non-profit sector, designing and carrying out strategies with large-scale impact. She co-founded and served as VP of Programs at ClimateWorks Foundation, and was a Principal at California Environmental Associates where she led the firm’s work in philanthropic strategy. She has helped clients design and implement strategies that help our cities and natural systems increase resilience in the face of climate change, population growth and other development pressures. She has lived and worked abroad in China, the U.K., and Denmark, and holds a Master of Science in environmental economics from the University of York, U.K. and a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences from the University of California, San Diego.


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