Addressing the climate crisis in the urban transport sector requires accelerated activity to ensure cities develop in compact patterns with less dependency on private vehicles and that fossil fuels are eliminated from the sector with a move to electrification. In fact, the only way to meet our climate goals of under 1.5 degrees is if we pursue both approaches simultaneously. This session will explore priority actions to make critical progress for these complementary strategies. 

Recent research by ITDP and the University of California, Davis, supported by ClimateWorks, modeled the global changes necessary to decarbonize urban passenger transport and found that both vehicle electrification and modal shift (through compact city development, walking, and cycling) are required to meet our climate goals. Furthermore, a move towards compact cities and electrification are both critical strategies that complement one another. Using the findings of this research as a framework, this panel will discuss what it will take to reach our climate goals with both electrification and compact cities, focusing on the levers for scaling the work. 

Our panelists will discuss lessons learned about electrification and compact cities, and what we should be thinking about for the next five years. Each panelist will draw upon recent projects and research to share insights. We will discuss key components to deliver progress, including the projects, services, and policies needed; the funding and financing to support those measures; and the strategic alliances that help create political support for everything. 

Through the discussion, we hope to identify some pillars of the roadmaps toward the future we all strive for.



Heather Thompson CEO, Institute for Transportation and Development Policy



Insa Illgen Project Director Sector Project Sustainable Mobility, TUMI Volt

Nicolas Peltier-Thiberge Global Director for the Transport Sector, Infrastructure Practice Group, World Bank

Margarita Parra Director of Transportation and International Programs, Clean Energy Works

Fernanda Rivera Director of Public Transportation and Licensing, Mobility Ministry of Mexico City


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