About the Workshop

On Thursday, March 16th, ITDP convened a workshop to discuss data standards and data collection practices to represent protected bicycle lanes, especially in the Global South. 

Watch the workshop recording here, or read below for key links.

Rapid increases in bicycling are necessary to reduce carbon emissions while increasing economic opportunity and improving public health. Networks of protected bicycle lanes are the best way to increase bicycling. In order to build networks of protected bicycle lanes, to understand the infrastructure that exists, and to set goals for the future, we need data.

In the workshop, we discussed data for bicycle lanes, especially in low- and middle-income countries. We started by talking about data standards, especially OpenStreetMap, for interoperability. And then we moved on to discuss data collection.

The workshop speakers included:

  • Tobias Jordans, one of the authors of the cyclelane:separation proposal for detailed bicycle lane tagging in OpenStreetMap.
  • Natalia Arruda and Mauro Mesa of Colectivo CiCLaS, currently using the cycleway:separation tags to map infrastructure in Medellin.
  • Anat Caspi, University of Washington, one of the authors of the standard, detailed data schema for sidewalk accessibility.
  • Cristiano Dalbem, developer of Ciclomapa.org, the data platform for bicycle lanes in Brazil.

You can find the recording, and files from the speakers, in this Google Drive folder.

ITDP is planning to convene future workshops and sessions to continue the conversation around bicycle lane data standards. If you’re interested in being involved, please contact taylor.reich@itdp.org or add your information here.


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