Safe walking and cycling is necessary for children and youth to move around the city and specifically to reach their schools. The street space continues to be the point of contention, and many cities are building wider streets for cars to overcome the problems of traffic. At the same time, every year, road traffic injuries continue to be the main cause of death among youth, underscoring the daring need for road safety policies and programs. In cities around the world, schools are becoming the anchors for creating a movement for safer streets for children and youth, and their caregivers.

This webinar will showcase how programs like safe school zones and safe routes to schools can address the mobility concerns of the most vulnerable people in the city. Presenters will share experiences and best practices from Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro and Addis Ababa in implementing the programs and targeted interventions.

Speaker Presentations


About the Speakers

Danielle Hoppe Active Mobility Manager, ITDP Brazil

Danielle Hoppe worked as an urban analyst in the public and private sectors in Brazil, and has also participated in urban planning-related initiatives supported by the Canadian International Development Agency in Bolivia and Honduras. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Planning from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and a bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Design from the Federal University in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Before joining ITDP, Danielle was the local coordinator of the Urban Age Conference 2013, organized by the London School of Economics and Political Science in Rio de Janeiro.

Yalelet E Kibret Traffic Safety Engineering and Management Team Leader, Addis Ababa Traffic Management Agency

In his position, Yalelet oversees the core initiatives in safety engineering at the Addis Ababa Traffic Management Agency, specifically, the road safety around schools program. He has his civil engineering degree from Alemaya University, a master’s degree in Railway Engineering from Addis Ababa University and a master’s in Infrastructure Planning and Development from the University of Seoul.

Ana Villarreal Public Policy Manager, ITDP Mexico

With broad international experience in Mexico, Spain, the United States and the United Kingdom, Ana has worked in local government, international organizations and as a consultant on sustainability, road safety and regional development. She joined ITDP in 2021 as Public Policy and Road Safety Manager. Her areas of interest include the promotion of sustainable urban development, gender mainstreaming in mobility policies and metropolitan governance. Ana holds a B.A. in Anthropology and Urban Studies, with a concentration in Sustainable Development, from Barnard College of Columbia University. She also holds a master’s degree in City Design and Social Science from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Agnieszka (Aggie) Krasnolucka Programmes Manager, FIA Foundation

Aggie joined the Foundation in early 2019 after having worked for the road safety NGO Transaid over the last eight years. She has worked across different areas of international development including road safety, fleet management, driver training, community outreach and engagement as well as access to health and integration of monitoring, evaluation and learning processes into the project’s cycle. She has experience managing private public partnerships in the context of international development as well as leading corporate fundraising and communications teams. Aggie has her master’s degree in Social Anthropology from Goldsmiths University in London as well as master’s in Linguistics and Literature from the University of Lodz in Poland.   


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