People with disabilities represent over 15% of the world population, and in low and middle income countries, this increases to about 20% of the population. Individuals who are below national and international poverty lines are more likely to be or become a person with disability within their lifetime.

While more than half of all people with disabilities live in urban areas around the world, most cities and towns lack the policy frameworks and infrastructure to enable universally accessible transportation and urban development. As we look to build equitable urban futures, we must understand current inequities and how these may grow if we fail to take action.

The Access for All: Access and Persons with Disabilities in Urban Areas report supports cities to understand the gaps, become educated on common barriers, and take action to integrate universal design and accessibility in transport planning, urban design, programming, and public engagement. This event will explore how universal access through transportation and urban development is an essential step in the direction of equitable urban futures.

The publication Access for All: Access and Persons with Disabilities in Urban Areas will be available for download on June 29 and the video materials on our YouTube channel. 


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