The Sustainable Transport Award (STA) continues to recognize cities that boldly advance sustainable urban mobility solutions and outcomes that respond to the climate crisis, inequalities, and economic disparities in our cities. The STA ceremony is proud to present the 2024 winner Tianjin, China, and the honorable mention Peshawar, Pakistan. Over the past 18 months, each city has demonstrated unique approaches to advancing sustainable urban mobility. The City of Tianjin, in a large-scale effort, improved access to the city through non-motorized transport interventions, while Peshawar facilitated the transition to a cleaner and more efficient bus system. We will also spotlight past winners and the 2024 nominees, whose stories and ongoing efforts can help inspire other cities to take action. Join us as we open the 2024 season with new insights and inspiring examples  as we continue building the STA community.

About the Sustainable Transport Award Series 2024

The STA Series from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy is the programming and series of virtual events that highlight best practices and lessons learned from cities that earn the annual Sustainable Transport Award recognition. As the STA community grows year after year, the series draws lessons from current and past winners, and provides an opportunity for others to hear first hand experiences from cities  related to challenges and successes. 

Each year, the Sustainable Transport Award Committee reviews the applicants and selects a city that had implemented innovative sustainable transportation projects in the preceding year. These strategies improve mobility for all residents, reduce transport-related greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, and improve safety and access for cyclists and pedestrians. 

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Heather Thompson Chief Executive Officer, ITDP

Heather Thompson has been with ITDP for more than a dozen years, first serving on its Board of Directors for eight years, and then as CEO since 2018. Ms. Thompson believes that bold progress needs to be made toward more walkable, cycle-friendly, and transit-accessible cities. ITDP’s work in making cities more equitable, livable and environmentally conscious changes everything for the better – for people and the planet.

Ms. Thompson has nearly two decades of experience in the environmental non-profit sector, designing and carrying out strategies with large-scale impact. She co-founded and served as VP of Programs at ClimateWorks Foundation, and was a Principal at California Environmental Associates where she led the firm’s work in philanthropic strategy. She has helped clients design and implement strategies that help our cities and natural systems increase resilience in the face of climate change, population growth and other development pressures. She has lived and worked abroad in China, the U.K., and Denmark, and holds a Master of Science in environmental economics from the University of York, U.K. and a Bachelor of Science in biological sciences from the University of California, San Diego.

Nora Peña Senior Manager, MOBILIZE Capacity Building and Engagement, ITDP

Nora Peña manages ITDP’s MOBILIZE Program and the Sustainable Transport Award out of the Global Office in New York City. Nora has over 15 years of experience working with environmental and transportation nonprofits locally and abroad. Nora holds a Master of Science in Urban Policy Analysis and Management from the New School and a Bachelor of Science in Resource and Environmental Geography from Texas State University.

Lin Xuefeng Director of Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission

Dr. Lin Xuefeng, who holds a doctoral degree in Management, has a long-standing career in urban planning and construction management. He has held several significant positions, including the Deputy Director of the Tianjin Municipal Bureau of Planning, the Deputy Director of the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City Administrative Committee, and the Secretary of the CPC Jinghai District Committee. Presently, he is the Director of the Tianjin Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Commission.

Dr. Lin Xuefeng has dedicated six years to working at the China-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City. During his tenure, he spearheaded the development of a new eco-city on previously underutilized saline-alkali land near the sea. He played a pivotal role in drafting the master plan and was instrumental in driving continuous construction efforts. Notably, Dr. Lin facilitated collaborations with the World Bank and the Global Environment Facility to advance energy-saving and emission-reduction initiatives in the Eco-city. This work led to the Eco-City being recognized as a ‘Global Green City’ and a ‘Future Low-Carbon City’ by the Global Forum on Human Settlements. He is deeply committed to fostering urban rail transit, clean energy public transport, and the development of a comprehensive active mobility network system. His efforts focus on creating a sustainable transportation model that integrates green and smart technologies. With his extensive experience and unique perspective, Dr. Lin excels in promoting the low-carbon, green, sustainable development of urban areas and the establishment of ecological human settlements where people live in harmony with their environment.

Laura Cárdenas Posada Spokesperson for the Mayor's Office, City of Medellín, Colombia 

Laura is a social communicator and a journalist. She works for the Mayor’s Office of Medellín as a specialist in public project management with more than 5 years of experience in active and sustainable mobility projects; she’s also the leader in the promotion of the low emission zone and in the coordination of the first infrastructure guide for active mobility and gender focus in Latin America.

Luciana Durand Chief of Staff at SPTrans/Priority Project Manager, São Paulo, Brazil

Luciana is a Chief of Staff at Sptrans, which manages the public transport system in the city of São Paulo. She is a lawyer, lecturer, and specialist in Public Law and Management with over 20 years experience in public administration specializing in project management, bidding, and administrative contracts. She is currently focusing on the intersection of public policy with municipal public transportation, and she is coordinating SPTrans’ Priority Strategic Projects, with a focus on the São Paulo City Hall Goals Plan 2021-2024.

Tariq Usman Saeed Deputy Director at Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Transport and Mass Transit / Chief Executive Officer, TransPeshawar

Dr. Tariq is currently working as Deputy Director in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Department of Transport and Mass Transit and Chief Executive Officer at TransPeshawar, overseeing transport planning and policy-related matters including the operations of Zu Peshawar. He is a Fulbright alumnus, holds a doctoral degree in dual majors, Transportation & Infrastructure Systems Engineering and Computational Engineering, from Purdue University, United States. As a part of his doctoral program, he also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and ETH Switzerland.


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