2020 MOBILIZE Virtual Summit

MOBILIZE is ITDP’s annual sustainable transport summit, which brings together urban transport and development practitioners alongside world-class researchers to celebrate best practices and accelerate the implementation of sustainable transport projects.

Each year, ITDP and the Sustainable Transport Award (STA) Committee select a city that has implemented innovative sustainable transportation projects in the preceding year. This year, the STA committee selected Pune as the 2020 STA winner and MOBILIZE featured city.

Pune won the STA because of its accelerating commitment to all sustainable transit modes, particularly with significant growth in pedestrian infrastructure. Pune has become a regional leader in complete streets, in which streets are designed for all users, rather than only for cars; pedestrians, cyclists, motorists, and transit riders are given safe access with the complete streets approach. It plans to increase its complete streets by 20 kilometers in the upcoming year. Additionally, Pune has retrofitted 15 kilometers of footpaths along streets to give pedestrians safe passage and plans to expand these another 35 kilometers. Rainbow BRT, one of the first BRTs in India, has added 200 CNG (compressed natural gas) and 25 electric buses to its fleet. It plans to add 400 CNG and 125 electric buses in the upcoming year to grow the fleet to 2500 buses by 2019. The BRT corridor has expanded to 50 kilometers and plans to expand the corridor to 90 kilometers by the end of year.

Find out more about Pune’s Sustainable Transport Award win here.

View a replay of what happened during MOBILIZE Virtual here.


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