Take your support for sustainable transport to new extremes!

CR_logoITDP is excited to announce that we are a beneficiary of Climate Ride!

Climate Ride is a nonprofit organization that offers supporters of sustainability, active transport, and environmental causes a non-traditional way to raise awareness and support for their chosen beneficiary through their participation in Climate Ride’s charitable events. To register for an upcoming event, click here

Climate Ride host events year round in different regions of the United States, as well as an exciting new ride in Southeast Asia (Saigon to Angkor Wat Ride). On the East Coast, your ride begins in iconic Bar Harbor, Maine, winding gently along the Atlantic Coastline and through majestic Arcadia National Park, and tracing Paul Revere’s famous ride into Boston to close (Climate Ride Northeast). On the West Coast, begin in the historic Redwood Empire near Eureka, travel along the scenic coast, and venture into the famed Russian River Valley before crossing triumphantly over the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco to finish (California North Coast Ride), or discover the Pacific Northwest on a ride exploring the Salish Sea (Pacific Northwest Ride). If you’d rather hike for a good cause, you can spend four days in the wildest park in the U.S., Glacier National Park, traversing aretes and high alpine mountain passes and glacier lakes and waterfalls in either July or August (Glacier Hike July/August).

In the evenings, Climate Riders will get to hear great speakers representing various industries in global efforts to mitigate human effects on the planet. The speaker series is an excellent way to wrap up a long day of cycling and a pleasant opportunity to get to know fellow riders who are working toward a more sustainable planet.

For more information on Climate Ride, how to register, and upcoming events, click here.  If you would like to speak to someone at ITDP about joining Team ITDP for any of the Climate Ride events, please email Colin Hughes at colin.hughes@itdp.org or Kyle Rectenwald at kyle.rectenwald@itdp.org or call 212.629.8001. 

2016 Upcoming Events

Death Valley National Park
February 27-March 3

Saigon to Angkor Wat
March 15-23

California North Coast
May 22-26

Portland-Santa Barbara
(18-24 year olds)
June 17-July 10

Glacier National Park
July 5-10


Glacier National Park (Hike)
July 13-17

Glacier National Park (Hike)
August 3-7

Pacific Northwest
August 4-9

Bar Harbor to Boston
September 8-12

September 17-21

The Team

“Climate Ride is the most fun and effective way for people to support ITDP’s mission. It raises money for our most important programs and awareness for our work and for climate change in general while embarking on a super fun bike adventure with hundreds of great people. We invite any and all of our supporters to join Team ITDP for any of this year’s Climate Ride events in California, the Midwest, or the East Coast!” Team ITDP Captain, Colin Hughes, ITDP Director of National Policy and Project Evaluation


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