Gerhard Menckhoff, Emeritus

World Bank Group, retired

Gerhard Menckhoff is an independent transport consultant specializing in sustainable solutions to urban mobility, such as Bus Rapid Transit, other public transport, traffic demand management, and non-motorized transport.  From 2002-2013, he was on ITDP’s Board, the last four years as Vice-President.

Since 1981 (from 2000 onward as a consultant), he worked for the World Bank on infrastructure operations in Asia, Africa and Latin America.  During his career as World Bank staff member, he was task team leader for projects in Calcutta, Karachi, Lahore, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Korea, and several African and Latin American countries; while his main specialty was in urban transport, he was also responsible for projects dealing with non-urban transport and municipal development.  As consultant, he focused on sustainable urban transport, including the planning and implementation of BRTs in several Indian cities, Hanoi, Lima, Bogotá and other Colombian cities.

Before joining the Bank’s staff, he worked 17 years for a large US consulting firm, assigned to offices in New York City, Helsinki, São Paulo, Brisbane, Dublin, London, Algiers and La Paz, Bolivia.  He holds engineering degrees from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) and Ohio State University.


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