Bob Hambrecht, Treasurer

Allotrope Partners

Bob Hambrecht is a Partner at Allotrope Partners, a merchant bank based in Oakland, CA. Allotrope identifies and develops companies and projects in the clean economy, helps deploy pools of capital into those opportunities, and educates decision-makers on successful policy and investment paradigms.

Prior to that, Mr. Hambrecht worked as a consultant working on a number of projects in the cleantech and environmental space, working with a number of non profits and early stage companies. In addition, Bob was the Chief Financial Officer at Greenlife International, a project development company that worked on biofuel and agricultural projects in Argentina and other Latin American companies.

Formerly a co-founder of WR Hambrecht + Company, a financial services firm committed to using the Internet and the auction process to level the playing field for investors and issuers, Mr. Hambrecht has been deeply involved in the emerging “Cleantech” business community as an investor and investment banker for many years. Mr. Hambrecht serves on the boards of a number of public and private companies.


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