January 03, 2024

In Photos: Celebrating Two Years of the Cycling Cities Campaign

This spread was originally published in the No. 35 issue of the Sustainable Transport Magazine. Read it here.

ITDP launched the Cycling Cities campaign in 2021 to bring together a coalition of cities, partners, and pledge signers to work towards providing safe cycling access to 25 million more people by 2025. Each cycling city has unique opportunities and challenges, ranging from those seeking to expand infrastructure investment to those focused on building a cycling culture in marginalized communities. ITDP provides campaign members access to resources, tools, connections, and guidance to help them create a future where all cities can be cycling cities. Over two years, Cycling Cities cohort cities have:

  • Built 300 kilometers of protected cycle lanes
  • Built 150 kilometers of unprotected cycle lanes
  • Hosted 1,100 car-free or open streets events
  • Organized 350 Learn-to-Ride and cycle training events
  • Planned over 700 kilometers of future cycling infrastructure and facilities

Below are images of progress from Cycling Cities cohort members around the world.

Main Avenue Redesign in Buenos Aires, Argentina
The street redesign of Calle Compartida Libertador helped transform an essential avenue into a bike- and pedestrian-friendly corridor with upgraded lanes, intersections, and sidewalks.

Streets for People in New Town Kolkata, India
New Town Kolkata’s Streets4People project transformed underused space beneath an overpass into a zone for cyclists and pedestrians, which thousands of people use weekly.

Annual Car-Free Days in Kisumu, Kenya
The city of Kisumu restricts motorized traffic for Car-Free Days on several streets throughout the year, encouraging more people to choose alternative modes of transport.

“It is incredibly motivating to see that in other parts of the world, we are all fighting for the same objective of better, safer cycling access for everyone.”

Mercedes Cruz Vázquez, Director of Mobility and Transportation, Zapopan, Mexico (Cohort City)

(Left) Cycling Cities Collaborate: Encontro Cidades Pedaláveis
Representatives from the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niterói in Brazil participated in a technical visit in Rio to explore and assess various design solutions for improving cycling environments.

(Right) Cycling Training for Women and Girls in Surat, India
A cycling initiative to empower people from low-income households in Surat has helped train over 500 women and girls, helping them feel more comfortable on commutes.

Infrastructure Upgrades in Recife, Brazil
Recife built the Agamemnon Magalhães cycle lane, a one-kilometer bi-directional path along a main avenue that is now used by more than 2,000 cyclists every day.

Region’s First Bikeshare Launched in Cairo, Egypt
The Cairo Governate launched the region’s first bikeshare program, known as Cairo Bike, in 2022 with the first phase offering more than 250 bicycles across 26 stations

Wollongong, Australia’s Bike City Community Partners Program
Wollongong worked with over 35 community partners—including indigenous communities, sports clubs, disability groups, and more—to help diverse people feel empowered to cycle.

Continue reading about the campaign’s progress and view the anniversary webinar here.


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